Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 10 - Limp Bizkit

Favourite Songs: Re-Arranged, Walking Away, It’ll Be OK, Nobody Loves Me, The Truth

Favourite Album: Either Significant Other or Chocolate Starfish and The Hot Dog Flavored Water

Favourite Lyrics: You make believe
That nothing is wrong until you’re crying
And you make believe
That life is so long until you’re dying" - Re-arranged

"I stare into space and hope we’re not alone
Am i searching for something that’s better than home?
I’ve been working so hard
Stress is tremendous and pressure is endless
No one on this planet like me to be friends with
I’ve been working so hard" - Underneath The Gun

Seen them live?: Twice - Aug 10 and May 12

First time you heard them: I heard Rollin’ on music channels along with Break Stuff and My Way, and I liked them (this was when they were cool to like) so borrowed the CD from a mate, and then got really into them after I bought their Greatest Hitz album, bought all of their albums, and still love them, even though they get so much hate.

Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 9 - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favourite Songs: Venice Queen, Around The World, Save The Population, Warped, We Believe

Favourite Album: Californication

Favourite Lyrics: ”Does it go from east to west
Body free and a body less

Come again just to start a fresh
Once again to find a home
In the moment of the meantime

Dropping in coming through the mesh
Checking in just to get it blessed
Hard to leave when it’s picturesque
Find a form that’s free the roam
Where you coming from?
Where you going?

Do it all then it all again
Make it up and you make a friend
Paddle on just around the bend
Find a place where you can see
All the mamas and the papas

Take a chance on a recommend
Hard as hell just to comprehend
Disbelief that I do suspend
Easy now to find a breeze
Where you come from?
Where you going?

We all want to tell her
Tell her that we love her
Venice gets a queen
Best I’ve ever seen
We all want to kiss her
Tell her that we miss her
Venice gets a queen
Best I’ve ever" - Venice Queen

Seen them live?: Twice. July 06, and June 12

First time you heard them: When my dad bought the Greatest Hits collection, which was also the same time as when I just started playing guitar properly, so together I got pretty hooked on RHCP. I did go off them for a year or two, but when I re-listened to the albums, and gave Stadium Arcadium a proper listen about a year ago, my love for this band was rekindled.

P.S. I have that picture above as a poster on my wall
P.P.S. I know Frusciante isn’t in the band anymore, but that is my the Chilis line-up I grew up with and made me fall in love with rock music. 

Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 8 - Deftones

Favourite Songs: Risk, Royal, Be Quiet And Drive, Rats!Rats!Rats, Teenager

Favourite Album: Diamond Eyes or White Pony

Favourite Lyrics: "Remove your veil, let me light you up,
I’m on your team
I’m the antidote,
the rocket’s taking off, tonight, it’s time” - Royal 

"You can’t talk,
I’m anxious,
I’m off the walls,
I’m right here just,
Come outside,
And see it,
But pack your heart,
You might need it” - Risk

Seen them live?: Once, Reading Fest last year (Aug 11)

First time you heard them: I heard them a while back, and always thought they weren’t very good, mainly because of Chino’s vocal style, but because I’d heard they were so musically talented, I decided to give them a proper chance. I was really getting into them, and then they were announced for Reading Festival, which made me listen to them more, and they were awesome live!

Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 7 - Rise Against

Favourite Songs: Collapse (Post Amerika), Life Less Frightening, State Of The Union, Survive, Architects, Heaven Knows

Favourite Album: Siren Song Of The Counter Culture

Favourite Lyrics: Countdown, to the very end, 
Equality, an invitation that we won’t extend
Ready aim, pull the trigger now, 
In time you firmly secure your place in hell” - State Of The Union

I close my eyes as the curtains draw,
I thought I heard your voice but I thought wrong,
'cause you're not there anymore,
No you’re not there anymore” - Heaven Knows

If I held my ground would you ask me to change
This drought bleeds on now were dancing for rain
We drink the air but its so not the same” - Dancing For Rain

Seen them live?: 3 times as a full band (Nov 09, Aug 11, Nov 11) and one acoustic set (Aug 11)

First time you heard them: I heard Prayer Of The Refugee on a music channel, downloaded that song, and a month or two later looked into more of their stuff, borrowed albums from mates, and became hooked pretty quickly.

Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 6 - Sum 41

Favourite Songs: Summer, All She’s Got, Happiness Machine, Jessica Kill, What I Believe

Favourite Album: I change this all the time, but I’d say it’s between Underclass Hero and All Killer No Filler, but I love all their albums so much.

Favourite Lyrics: ”It’s not in what you do, more in what you say" - Summer

"You speak for all of us when you can’t be heard" - No Brains

"We’re the saints of degeneration,
We don’t owe anyone an explanation,
Fuck elitists,
We don’t need this,
We’re the elite of the just alright” - Underclass Hero

Seen them live?: Twice - Feb 08 and Oct 10

First time you heard them: I heard them on a music channel when I was about 11, and I kept hearing Fat Lip and In Too Deep, so me and my brother agreed to get All Killer No Filler. Sum 41 quickly became my favourite band, and they were the first band I ever loved, so they’ll always mean a lot to me, they were my main gateway band into rock and guitar playing, so yeah, I love Sum 41, even if it’s not so obvious anymore.

Thirty Days, Thirty Bands

Day 5 - Enter Shikari

Favourite Songs: Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here, Solidarity, Pack Of Thieves, Quelle Surprise, Mothership

Favourite Album: A Flash Flood Of Colour. This is currently my favourite album of 2012.

Favourite Lyrics: And with these humble tools, 
we can trigger any emotion we choose,
ut we’ll just settle to pump out repeated relics diluted with time” - Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here

"If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything" - Quelle Surprise

"Tryna keep people inside,
Inside your sordid little house,
You can’t keep us inside much longer pal,
We’ve seen the view from the window” - Wall

Seen them live?: 4 times - Jun 08, Feb 10, Aug 11, Jan 12. I’m also seeing them this summer, which will make them my most-seen-live band!

First time you heard them: My friend was talking about this band that were rubbish, and I listened to one song, and completely agreed with him. A month later, when they first exploded onto the UK rock scene, a guitarist from a previous band lent me Take To The Skies after raving about it, and I was then hooked, and have been since.

Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 4 - Hot Water Music

Favourite Songs: Old Rules, Difference Engine, The End Of The Line, All Heads Down, Jack Of All Trades

Favourite Album: A Flight And A Crash. Definitely one of the most consistent albums I’ve ever heard.

Favourite Lyrics: Give me a reason not to lash out, because I don’t see much reason now.
I want to banish frauds, slay unruly sods. Since false idol gods have nothing figured out. Nothing at all.
So you’ve got a tale to tell. Well how about something real?
Feel free and stifle someone. Go on and belittle someone as well. 
Oh but fucker yeah you’ll get yours. So fill up your pockets, and watch them swell.
You could be no one, an inconsiderate bastard son. 
Kiss your smile goodbye.
Kiss it all goodbye.” - Jack Of All Trades

Seen them live?: Once, I saw them at Reading Festival last year (Aug 11)

First time you heard them: I first heard them on a Tony Hawk game, unknowingly, and started listening to them after they were announced for Reading Festival (I’d been wanting to start listening to them for a while beforehand) and my mate got me two of their CDs for my 18th birthday, which was the kickstart for my love for this band.

Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 3 - Brand New

Favourite Songs: At The Bottom, Vices, Bought A Bridge, Seventy Times 7, Quiet Things That No-One Ever Knows

Favourite Album: Daisy. I know a lot of people seem to have something against this album, but for me it’s brilliant, so much emotion and power, Jesse’s vocals are so amazing on this.

Favourite Lyrics: Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Hangman, go get your rope. Your daughters weren’t careful, I fear that I am a slippery slope - You Won’t Know

"I lie for only you, and I lie well, halleluh" - Quiet Things

"Cars are little blood cells, we are oxygen, city is the airways, suburbs appendages” - Bought A Bride

Seen them live?: Twice - Jan 10, and Feb 12

First time you heard them: First time I heard them was probably 7 years ago (which was when I was getting into Rock music) when my then-best friend’s girlfriend sent me “Quiet Things…”, and I listened and liked, but didn’t follow it up (I forgot I even had the file) until I got tickets to see Thrice support them in London. I didn’t have enough time to get into them before the gig, but slowly got myself more into them, and then about a year ago, they just clicked, and I’ve loved them since.

Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 2 - Linkin Park

Favourite Songs: Blackout, Easier To Run, I’ll Be Gone, With You

Favourite Album: Even though the new album Living Things is really good, as are all their older albums, I don’t think any of them beat A Thousand Suns.

Favourite Lyrics: Floating down,
As colours fill the light,
We look up from the ground,
In fields of paper white” - Blackout

"If I could change I would, 
Take back the pain I would, 
Retrace every wrong move that I made I would, 
If I could,
Stand up and take the blame I would, 
If I could take all the shame to the grave I would, 
If I could change I would, 
Take back the pain I would, 
Retrace every wrong move that I made I would, 
If I could,
Stand up and take the blame I would,
If I could take all the shame to the grave” - Easier To Run

Seen them live?: Twice, Jun 08 and Nov 10

First time you heard them:  They were one of the first rock bands I got into, I remember hearing Somewhere I Belong on a music video channel, borrowed the first two albums from my mate, and loved them ever since!

Thirty Days, Thirty Artists

Day 1 - Thrice

Favourite Songs: They have too many great songs, but if I had to choose, it’d be between Hoods on Peregrine, Atlantic, Cataracts, or Wood and Wire.

Favourite Album: Either The Artist In The Ambulance, or Beggars.

Favourite Lyrics: "There’s no promise of safety, on these second-hand wings, but I’m willing to find out, what impossible means" - The Melting Point Of Wax

"You’ve got to play it again" - The Beltsville Crucible

"Was there a time we looked around, and do we even really even want to know what’s going down?" - Lost Continent

"Throw the switch on; I know you ain’t got a choice, the dawn is coming, all is well, I will rejoice" - Wood And Wire

Seen them live?: Four times (Jan 10, Aug 10 x2, Apr 12)

First time you heard them: My friend, who doesn’t really like Thrice, sent me a link to Image Of The Invisible about 5-ish years ago, and I really liked it, and listened to the other singles, but never really followed that up til the following year when Spotify exploded, re-discovered how amazing they were, and the rest is history.